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Ballast water sampling in Viet Nam

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GMERI is a unit providing monitoring and analysis services for marine environment samples and waste from ships. We coordinate with national units such as the Institute of Marine Natural Resources and Environment (VAST) to carry out work related to the field of marine resources and environment.

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GMERI provides extremely fast sample collection service, 24/7, to meet the requirements and progress of ship owners from North to South. The team is distributed along 28 coastal cities, where there are deep-water ports and international ports for sampling:
- Marine environment (sea water samples, sediments and marine biodiversity)
- Ship waste (ballast water, oil separation water, domestic water, ....)
- Environmental impact assessments of marine works.
- Consulting and researching the directions of blue sea economy, circular economy to help save costs for customers.

Figure 1: Extremely fast sample collection force and 24/7 time to ensure customer requirements. Contact information: Dr. Le Xuan Sinh - 0972.366.858 -



The analysis results are carried out in collaboration with the national institutes at the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology such as the Institute of Marine Environment and Resources; Environment Institute; Institute of Marine Biochemistry,...

LAB OF IMER (ISO 17025:2017)

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