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Ballast water sampling in Viet Nam

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IMER is a unit providing analysis services for testing and sample analysis services for ballast water treatment systems (BWTS).

IMER provides extremely fast sample collection service, 24/7, to meet the requirements and progress of ship owners from North to South. The team is distributed along 28 coastal cities, where there are deep-water ports and international ports for sampling:

- Marine environment (sea water samples, sediments and marine biodiversity)
- Ship waste (ballast water, oil separation water, domestic water, ....)
- Environmental impact assessments of marine works.
- Consulting and researching the directions of blue sea economy, circular economy to help save costs for customers.

Figure 1: Extremely fast sample collection force and 24/7 time to ensure customer requirements. Contact information: Dr. Le Xuan Sinh - 0972.366.858 -

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The analysis results are carried out in collaboration with the national institutes at the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology such as the Institute of Marine Environment and Resources; Environment Institute; Institute of Marine Biochemistry,...

LAB OF IMER (ISO 17025:2017)

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